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Aunt Vickie’s Cinnamon Buns

2 cups milk
6 TBLS butter
Scald – wait for this to cool before adding it into the yeast

1 cup warm water
1 ½ TBLS Yeast
½ TBLS Sugar
Stir and wait for this to bubble.

½ Cup Sugar
2 tsp Salt
3 eggs
Mix together. Add in Milk mixture and Yeast mixture.

5 ½ – 6 cups flour
Add in flour to mixture until dough is sticky. Let rise till double in size. Turn out onto a floured surface. Add (knead) flour till you can roll into a rectangle.

¼ cup butter
Melt and drizzle on dough

¼ cup sugar
Cinnamon (to taste)
Sprinkle on dough

Roll up. Cut with thread.

Bake at 350 degrees for 15-25 min till it’s brown on the top and bottom.
Frost with Powder Sugar and water frosting.