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One Stone at a Time

Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.

There is a pathway that I’m following. It’s a stone pathway meandering up and down, over hill and dale. I keep thinking that if only I knew exactly where I was supposed to be going, I could go in a straight line and get there so much faster. But I can’t see the end. It’s dark and damp, the stone pathway slippery with all the slim around me. But He is there. His hand on my shoulder, His spot light showing me the next stone to step on. Sometimes I get frustrated and just go off the pathway – wanting to take the short cut. But He is still there, right beside me. When I lose my way, He gently steers me back to my stone pathway … just one stone at a time.
I want a flood light. I want to see the whole picture – find the short cut and be there. Be good, be finished with the task, be someone. But still He only shows me one stone at at time.

The journey makes the man, not the destination.

Oh Be Careful Little Tongue What You Say

If a parent walks up to you and informs you that they do not want their child playing with your child because your child has dark skin – would you be offended? What if they say that they don’t want their child playing with your child because your child has red hair. Would you be offended? Why?
Both your skin and your hair color are determined through your DNA. You have no choice on it … it’s something that God determined. How your brain functions is also determined through DNA – something God chooses.

So … how do Special Needs Parents handle it when an NT parent (Nero-typical) says that they do not want their child playing with your child because your child has ADD or Autism or …

One Goal

When our son was born – he was rushed to the NICU. He had complications and had to stay in NICU for three days. The nurses took one look at him and put football stickers on his crib. I bout had a fit – no son of mine was going to play football! Three years later, we start realizing that something was different with our son. He has Autism. Aspergers to be exact. We homeschooled him most of his life (10 yrs) then after we moved to Alaska, we found this wonderful Special Needs Teacher who cared about Ian almost as much as we do! :)

After one year of public High School (in the Special Ed Class), the football team decided at 6’4″, 288lbs and stronger than an ox, Ian would be a great asset to the Homer High Mariner Football Team! So here is this wonderful, tender giant of a kid whose mom sheltered him from football his whole life only to be thrown into fray at 17 yrs old. Now Dave and I are frantically trying to teach him the basics of football.

What a breath of fresh air Tim Tebow is. I am hoping and praying that our son will look towards Tim as a role model – not only for how the game of football is played – but for how the game of life is played … with one goal in mind … the light at the end of this life – the light of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Living the Truth

I have a friend who is a young mom of four young kids. When you see her at church, she’s usually got a smile for you. When you see her at Safeway, there she is with that same smile. The smile that shines from way deep inside.

But this past summer, I saw this gal along the side of the road resting. She and her four kids were bicycling around town enjoying the sun – a rare thing that summer! Her husband is a fisherman and as such, is gone for long stretches of time. This was one of those times. She was tired. Tired physically, tired emotionally … just flat out tired.

We slowed to see if she needed help. She had her head turned talking to one of the kids. When she turned back around – there it was … that smile. She was tired and worn out, but her smile was still there. Her smile is so much a part of who she is, she just can’t leave home without it!

What a joy and blessing this wonderful Christian friend is. Who she is on the outside, yea, that’s who she is on the inside! Yup, she does say what she means, and sometimes it takes you back some! But she loves with an open heart. And this day and age, we need more like my friend.

We’ve been going over I John and now we’re on II John. What’s been hitting me is the theme of Truth. Truth verses Lies. Do you believe that you should tell the truth? Are you known for your truthfulness? Do you smile at church and bully everywhere else you go? Do people look at you and wonder what is so different about you? Why do you actually get along with your teenage daughter?

Do you LIVE the truth?

Dear Lord, change me. Let me love with an open heart. Who I am on the inside, Lord let me be that on the outside. Yes Lord, that may mean You’ve got a lot to change on the inside, but Lord, let me live the truth – Your truth.

In Jesus’ precious Name, amen.

The Long Journey

“Squawk, Squawk, Squawk” We stopped school to see what all the ruckus was. It was the last of the Sandhill Cranes flying south for winter. They circled and circled, squawking louder than we’ve ever heard them, moving slowly overhead. On land, these birds are awkward looking, but in the sky, they are simply majestic. They seemed to fly in a bunch – not yet in the sleek line formation that they fly in when flying long distances.

Tori asked me why they were squawking so loud and circling over and over. Why don’t they just fly south? Soon, a pair of Sandhill Cranes from nearby started their assent towards the sky in route to meet the flock already in flight. We watched in awe as a whole flock of Sandhill Cranes waited patiently for the two stragglers to catch up, all the while squawking as loud as they could – they had to make sure that they didn’t leave anyone behind. It’s an impossible trip to make all by yourself, so the birds call out to any other birds, letting them know to come now to make it south for the winter.

When the two stragglers made it to the flock, they circled a few more times, looking and listening for any other stragglers. When no one else appeared, as if by some unspoken command, they stretched out across the sky, creating a huge V-shape and headed out for the long journey south. Each bird in it’s perfect place in the perfect formation for long distance flying.

Tears came to my eyes as I thought, I wonder if the church is ready for the long journey ahead? Are we circling and squawking out loud enough to gather all those who love Jesus to come together? Are we loving those around us and telling them about the long journey ahead? Are we ready to join the flock? Can we – each one of us – find our place in the flock? Are we who are already in the flock, ready and willing for others to join us? Are we calling out? Can we call out? Can we love those who need love? Can we accept them and allow them to join us and maybe even … make room for them in our flock?

Here, There and Everywhere

Matt 11:28-30
“Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.
“Take My yoke upon you, and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart; and you shall find rest for your souls.
“For My yoke is easy, and My load is light.”

Yesterday we finally got a break in the snow. Our puppy jumped at the door, excited to get out and play. After a little while, I went to an upstairs window to see if I could see where she was. I didn’t see her, but I saw where she’d been. Here, there and everywhere! She’d circled over here, then run straight across to something else, then meandered around over there for a bit. She’d dug a hole here and there – looking for buried treasures. Then I finally found her … sitting at the back door, waiting to come back into the house!

As I stared at all those circles and mixed up tracks – running here, there and everywhere, I felt like that was how my life is. Running here, there and everywhere.

The snow is back again and as I look out that same window, all the little puppy tracks are gone. No more here, there and everywhere. No more holes dug in search of buried treasure. It’s all white again. All wiped clean – ready to start out on a new adventure. Ready to start again.

Lord, help me today as I start out on another day. A day wiped clean from all that has happened yesterday, and the yesterday before that, and the yesterday before that. Thank You so much for taking all those yesterdays and dying on the cross to wipe out all my sins, all my wanderings of yesterdays. Help me live today for You Lord. Make my path straight. Give me wisdom and guidance as I seek You and Your strength today.

Puppy Kindergarten

We too Rose to Puppy Kindergarten last night. It was our second time. Last week we were the only ones there – which was a good thing. We all learned so much and Pat got to see Ian and get to know/see some of his issues.
Last night there were three big breed puppy’s and two small breed puppy’s. The other Golden Retriever and the Husky were fun for Rose to get to know. We found out that Rose is a “Field” Golden Retreiier and the other Golden was a “Show” Golden Retriever. The “Show” Goldens usually have more sensitive personalities, but they are full, fluffy Goldens. Beautiful to look at, but must be groomed daily and bathed weekly!!! Oh too much maintence for me! I’ll stay with my Rose – oh, I mean Ian’s Rose!
Rose has decieded that she really isn’t a dog … she’s a cat. She LOVES to sleep on my lap (like my cats) and she comes to “hear kitty, kitty, kitty”!!! What a disgrace in the dog world. But we keep those secrets from the Dog world people! She is so funny. She’s sleeping in my lap right now and let me tell you, it’s tough typing with a head and two front paws of a 13 week old Golden on your left arm! :) But I love her. She’s a good girl. And with a little more training, I’ll be a good human for her too! :)

Free Recipes

Don’t buy another Cook Book ever! :) Ok, so if you really want to spend money on a cook book, be my guest, but you really don’t need to. Why? Cause the internet is FULL of free Recipes! You can go to my personal fav or to tons of other ones out there! Just get on to your favorite Search Engine and search “Recipes”. It’s that easy!

That said, I still have all those old but great Cook Books. You know the ones that were written back when people actually cooked from scratch! Those are great too! Then too, keep your eyes open for those great give aways and freebies. Save that hard earned cash for something that you can NOT get for free!