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Puppy Kindergarten

We too Rose to Puppy Kindergarten last night. It was our second time. Last week we were the only ones there – which was a good thing. We all learned so much and Pat got to see Ian and get to know/see some of his issues.
Last night there were three big breed puppy’s and two small breed puppy’s. The other Golden Retriever and the Husky were fun for Rose to get to know. We found out that Rose is a “Field” Golden Retreiier and the other Golden was a “Show” Golden Retriever. The “Show” Goldens usually have more sensitive personalities, but they are full, fluffy Goldens. Beautiful to look at, but must be groomed daily and bathed weekly!!! Oh too much maintence for me! I’ll stay with my Rose – oh, I mean Ian’s Rose!
Rose has decieded that she really isn’t a dog … she’s a cat. She LOVES to sleep on my lap (like my cats) and she comes to “hear kitty, kitty, kitty”!!! What a disgrace in the dog world. But we keep those secrets from the Dog world people! She is so funny. She’s sleeping in my lap right now and let me tell you, it’s tough typing with a head and two front paws of a 13 week old Golden on your left arm! :) But I love her. She’s a good girl. And with a little more training, I’ll be a good human for her too! :)

Ian’s Rose

Ian's Rose
This is Rose, a wonderful little puppy that we will be picking up in three weeks (when she’s old enough to leave her mommy). We will be training her to be an Autism Service Dog for Ian. She’s a Golden Retriever whose mommy and daddy are both up here in Alaska. They are wonderful dog’s … we are so excited! We know it’s gonna be tons of work to get her certified, but it will be worth it for Ian.

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Life is tough, but God is good. I keep telling myself this over and over. And God is good. He is seeing me (us) through some really tough times and I know He will continue to see us through the next years coming up.
Today is my birthday. I’m usually the one who makes a big deal about birthdays in our family, so my birthday is usually not a big deal. Not because they don’t love me, just because they’re not used to planning anything. To top it all off, my daughter – the one full of Mercy and Love, is sick. She’s got the flu. So I woke up today and we got the day started as usual. No mention of Birthday, no Special Day anything. Just regular life.

Then my sweet Tori woke up. I got her some medicine to take down her fever and as soon as she had taken it, she asked me what day it was. I told her Friday and she said, “Oh good!” and shuffled over to me with a folded paper in her hand. She had made me a Birthday Card! She said Happy Birthday and some sweet sayings and then the rest of the card was as follows:

Blessed is the man who keeps on going when times are hard. After he has come through them, he will receive a crown. The crown is life itself. God has promised it to those who love Him.
James 1:12 :)

I love my daughter. At a mere 12 years old, she saw through the pain we are going through and had faith. Faith enough to share with me. Dave and I are beyond proud of her. She’s an inspiration to us both.

It Takes an Aspie

It takes an Aspie to find the great features of the old camera! Dave bought this “great” camera a couple years ago, but it was just a compact camera – cheapy little camera. So as soon as we could swing it, Dave bought a nicer camera for us. With the old one pushed to the side, my Ian picked it up and started playing with it. Before we knew what was happening, he was taking video pictures. Wow – cool I thought, but when we played them back on the camera, there wasn’t any sound, so I thought oh well, thanks, but no thanks.
Long story short, when we downloaded the pictures onto our computer and hit play, there was sound! We heard all about Ian’s day at our Church Clean Up day and saw all the places that he went … that this mamma never knew about!!! (Oh kids)
So now Tori has decided that she can be her wild and crazy self on film … and it’s ok! She’s doing little “shows” and such. Too cute! Ian is her photographer. Oh, she so funny and crazy and goofy – you’d never believe that this same wild and crazy girl is the shy, reserved girl you see in church or out and about in town!
Does anyone know how to edit these small snippits together and make a little show type thing?

About Fishing in Alaska

We went fishing for the first time in Alaska last week. We learned several things – ok, more than several things.

#1 … when walking backwards up the beach in two feet of water, the rocks become especially slippery and might cause one to fall.
#2 … when you are wearing hip waders and fall down in the ocean, ocean water fills the entire boot – all the way up to the top of your legs.
#3 … Alaskan ocean water is cold … no, make that VERY cold.
#4 … Hip waders, when full of water, are very heavy.
#5 … when you sit down in the car to pull off your ocean water filled hip waders, make sure you are hanging off the OUTSIDE of said car – that much Ocean water is difficult to mop out of a car.
#6 … ALWAYS bring a second (or third) change of clothes – even if you are certain that you will NEVER get wet!
#7 … a petite little 12 year old does not fit well into her 6’1″ 220lbs brothers extra pair of sweats that happened to be the only extra pair of pants in the car.

Yes, we had quite the adventure! And then Ian caught his first Alaskan fish! Oh what fun! Ok, so it was a Irish Lord that is known as a junk fish (it doesn’t have any meat on it to eat) – but hey, Ian had fun, so it was all worth it! :)

Special Hearts Page

We’ve started a new/different page for our Special Hearts blog:
If you have a Special Needs Child, get yourself a hug cup of Mocha (or tea or coffee or …) and follow the link for some great time of help, encouragement and the realization that you are NOT alone! You can do this – yes, it’s hard – in fact, it’s the hardest thing you have ever done … but you CAN do it! :)