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Homer Alaska USA
kids_poppysYes, we moved. After much prayer for direction, God gave us an answer. Not one we saw coming or one that we readily accepted. Dave was offered the chance to print the ballots for Alaska in October of 2008 in Homer Alaska. After 1 week, all the printing was done and the owner offered him a job. God had been closing doors in Southern California and had left Dave out of work for most of that year. At first, we both said NO WAY I am not moving to Alaska. But God moved a mountain … He changed our heart. We are now renting a home east of Homer in a small community called Fritz Creek with a beautiful view of Kachemek Bay, Homer, the famous Homer Spit were the infamous “Time Bandit” is moored and the famous “Salty Dawg Saloon” is located. If you watch “The Deadliest Catch” on the Discovery Channel, you have seen these on TV. Most Alaskans call Homer the “Jewel of Alaska”. We’ve been blessed to meet a lot of new godly people and become part of wonderful new church. Our neighbors also go to our church and they have also homeschooled all of their children . Even though the temperature is cold, the people are warm and friendly.

ian_maggieOn the left is a picture of Maggie and Ian taken in the summer of 2003. You can visit Maggie’s Blog, Just A Thot where you can read their story’s of Ian and all those crazy things that happen with a Special Needs child, encouragements for moms & dads and things that help Maggie home school a Special Needs child.

Dave and Maggie, through much prayer, have felt that God is leading them to help other parents with Special Needs children. There are different levels of learning disabilities, each with their own set of issues.

Children with higher level learning disabilities such as Aspergers, ADHD or ADD, usually have secondary issues that accompany these “labels”. These children also get other not so flattering labels such as “stupid”, “lazy”, “eccentric” and more. These parents are told they are bad parents. Dave and Maggie have been there!! And, at times, still are.

As we share with parents of lower level learning disabilities, we are finding that a lot of these resources work great for them too.

Dave and Maggie’s goal is to first provide a place where parents can know they are not alone in their struggles and to get support & encouragement.