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One Stone at a Time

Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.

There is a pathway that I’m following. It’s a stone pathway meandering up and down, over hill and dale. I keep thinking that if only I knew exactly where I was supposed to be going, I could go in a straight line and get there so much faster. But I can’t see the end. It’s dark and damp, the stone pathway slippery with all the slim around me. But He is there. His hand on my shoulder, His spot light showing me the next stone to step on. Sometimes I get frustrated and just go off the pathway – wanting to take the short cut. But He is still there, right beside me. When I lose my way, He gently steers me back to my stone pathway … just one stone at a time.
I want a flood light. I want to see the whole picture – find the short cut and be there. Be good, be finished with the task, be someone. But still He only shows me one stone at at time.

The journey makes the man, not the destination.

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