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One Goal

When our son was born – he was rushed to the NICU. He had complications and had to stay in NICU for three days. The nurses took one look at him and put football stickers on his crib. I bout had a fit – no son of mine was going to play football! Three years later, we start realizing that something was different with our son. He has Autism. Aspergers to be exact. We homeschooled him most of his life (10 yrs) then after we moved to Alaska, we found this wonderful Special Needs Teacher who cared about Ian almost as much as we do! :)

After one year of public High School (in the Special Ed Class), the football team decided at 6’4″, 288lbs and stronger than an ox, Ian would be a great asset to the Homer High Mariner Football Team! So here is this wonderful, tender giant of a kid whose mom sheltered him from football his whole life only to be thrown into fray at 17 yrs old. Now Dave and I are frantically trying to teach him the basics of football.

What a breath of fresh air Tim Tebow is. I am hoping and praying that our son will look towards Tim as a role model – not only for how the game of football is played – but for how the game of life is played … with one goal in mind … the light at the end of this life – the light of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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