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Users verses Spammers …

Hi everyone – I’m getting lots of Spammers signing up as Users on my blog, so I’m going through and deleting Users. If you want to be signed up as a User – no prob … just please make sure and give me your real name. Ahhhhh, my REAL name??? You might ask with horror in your voice. Well, yes. If you are a real person and are really interested in Special Needs kids and families, then yes, I need a real name signed up as a User. :)

I promise I won’t sell your name or addy or even your first child. And I don’t send out mass mailings – so no worries about that!

I’m just trying to keep a safe, warm, loving environment where families who need help and reassurrance can come and be encouraged.

Nothing personal – but I’m looking to keep it personal! :)

Love ya’ll!

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