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Puppy Kindergarten

We too Rose to Puppy Kindergarten last night. It was our second time. Last week we were the only ones there – which was a good thing. We all learned so much and Pat got to see Ian and get to know/see some of his issues.
Last night there were three big breed puppy’s and two small breed puppy’s. The other Golden Retriever and the Husky were fun for Rose to get to know. We found out that Rose is a “Field” Golden Retreiier and the other Golden was a “Show” Golden Retriever. The “Show” Goldens usually have more sensitive personalities, but they are full, fluffy Goldens. Beautiful to look at, but must be groomed daily and bathed weekly!!! Oh too much maintence for me! I’ll stay with my Rose – oh, I mean Ian’s Rose!
Rose has decieded that she really isn’t a dog … she’s a cat. She LOVES to sleep on my lap (like my cats) and she comes to “hear kitty, kitty, kitty”!!! What a disgrace in the dog world. But we keep those secrets from the Dog world people! She is so funny. She’s sleeping in my lap right now and let me tell you, it’s tough typing with a head and two front paws of a 13 week old Golden on your left arm! :) But I love her. She’s a good girl. And with a little more training, I’ll be a good human for her too! :)

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