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One on the Mountain Top

This past weekend I went on the Women’s Retreat for our church. It was awesome …

As I sit in the Chapel, I look up thru the window and see a lone pine tree. This tree is old and scraggly, no leaves, only sticks where once beautiful branches hung.

Yet far beyond in the distance rises a mountain top … full of Pine Trees. At first glance the trees on the mountain top look all full and beautiful. But look closely and you’ll see stark branches as the early morning light shines off of some bare tree trunks.

Each of us bring something different to the mountain top. Each of us separately look out of place … lonely. Yet when we all meet at the mountain top and gather in close, that stark branch on one side of me is covered with a beautitful full branch of the tree standing next to me. All our “disabilities” melt away as we become one in Christ … one on the Mountain Top.

One Response to One on the Mountain Top

  • Cindy Calvert says:

    Hi Maggie,

    We had a family retreat recently in th mountains and it was so wonderful.

    It is great to enjoy fellowship together.

    Cindy Calvert